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Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı

TMS YAPI, which started its activities in 2011, serves in a leading position in the fields of Engineering and Contracting. Based on customer satisfaction, it has adopted high quality standards as a basic principle in its sector and has made a name for itself with the projects it has implemented.

With the projects it has carried out over the years, it has built its reputation as a company with high reliability and investment value in its sector on solid foundations. TMS YAPI has maintained and further strengthened its respected position in the sector by taking firm steps forward since its establishment.

The company aims to meet customer expectations at the highest level with its staff of experienced and technical experts, by highlighting its superior quality and aesthetic approach in every project. In this way, it aims to improve people's lives not only by building buildings but also by providing quality living spaces.

TMS YAPI assumes a leading role in its sector with the innovative solutions it offers and continues to make a difference with its future-oriented projects. Proud of its successful past, the company will continue to lead the industry with its forward-looking vision.

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FOR THE FUTURE Sustainable cities

TMSYAPI is making a determined effort to minimize its carbon footprint and environmental awareness in the construction industry. By adopting the principle of sustainability, the company takes important steps in the design, construction and operation processes of its buildings based on environmental sensitivity.

TMSYAPI's environmentally friendly approach is taken into account at every stage of the projects. Careful work is carried out on the selection of building materials, the use of recyclable and renewable resources, the use of energy efficient systems and waste management. In addition, positive contributions to the environment are made through the protection of green areas and landscaping.

The company prioritizes the use of high-performance insulation materials, energy-efficient devices and environmentally friendly technologies to reduce its carbon footprint. Additionally, it aims to minimize environmental impact by optimizing energy consumption during the operation of buildings and turning to renewable energy sources.

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